Volunteer Leadership & FAQ

Betsy Hall - Survivor Advocate Volunteer Coordinator

Betsy Hall was originally a bilingual childcare provider (2015) at Families First and upon graduation from IUPUI, with a Bachelor's degree in Social Work, she joined the Advocacy team (2017) as a Survivor Advocate Volunteer Coordinator.

Betsy is passionate about making sure everyone’s voice is heard. "Community members may not feel like they can do much in the fight to end sexual violence if they aren’t working in this field. However, volunteers can be some of the best advocates."   Betsy wants to make sure people in the community know they have an important role in ending these crimes, and they can do that by volunteering.

"Volunteer Advocates come from all walks of life, but all have one thing in common- the desire to support survivors. I learn so much from the team I get to work with and am grateful to be surrounded by such compassionate individuals. "

Brittani Haywood, Volunteer and Events Coordinator

Volunteer FAQ

Who can volunteer ?

To apply, potential volunteers must be 18 or older and have a US Social Security Number. You must complete a volunteer application, and attend an interview as well as pass a background check. 

Can I volunteer to complete community service or course-required hours?

We cannot offer opportunities for court-ordered community service or to individuals with certain convictions.

What happens once my application is processed and I am accepted as a volunteer?

Volunteers will attend position-specific training as necessary and then assigned volunteer shifts or hours. 

Do I have to have a background check?

Yes, we need every volunteer to complete a general background check and a Department of Child Services background check. Volunteers who interact with children will be required to complete a fingerprint check at a designated facility. Volunteers are not responsible for any costs or fees associated with background checks.

Do I have to have previous experience to volunteer?

No, we will provide all training and materials. We only ask you come ready to learn and grow together!

Where are support groups held and will I facilitate groups by myself?

Support groups are held in various locations throughout the community. We keep these locations confidential to protect you and our clients. We will tell you the location before you commit to a specific group. We prefer two co-facilitators in every group. The volunteer coordinator or other staff is also ready and willing to help in groups as needed. We will never put you in your first group alone!

How do I apply to be a volunteer?

Please give Betsy Hall a call at 317-634-6341. She’ll contact you to discuss your volunteering options. 

I have a question you didn't answer or would like my corporate group to volunteer. Who should I contact?

For questions about volunteering, please call 317-634-5050 or email cbicommunications@childrensbureau.org. You can learn more about corporate partnerships here

I would like my child to volunteer with me, is that possible? 

Sure! Children 17 and younger are more than welcome to volunteer with a parent or legal guardian for our childcare volunteer role only.