Volunteer FAQ

Do I have to be a survivor of Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault?

No, we welcome everyone’s experiences and perspectives to this opportunity.

Do I have to have previous experience as a support group facilitator?

No, we will provide all training and materials. We only ask you come ready to learn and grow together.

Am I able to facilitate different kinds of groups?

Yes, we would love for you to learn about different groups if that is something you are comfortable with. A volunteer coordinator will talk to you about facilitating a different group each round.

Where are support groups held?

Support groups are held in various locations throughout the community. We keep these locations confidential to protect you and our clients. We will tell you the location before you commit to a specific group.

Am I alone as a facilitator?

No, we prefer to have two co-facilitators in every group. The volunteer coordinator or other staff is also ready and willing to help in groups as needed. We will never put you in your first group alone!

Do I have to have a background check?

Yes, we need every volunteer to complete a general background check and a Department of Child Services background check. Volunteers who interact with children will be required to complete a fingerprint check at a designated facility. 

How old do I need to be to become a facilitator?

We ask that all volunteers be 18 years old and up EXCEPT the Resource Pantry Volunteer. 

What happens once my application is processed and I am accepted as a volunteer?

Volunteers will attend an agency orientation and position-specific training as necessary. Please note that all direct-service volunteers will be required to attend both the agency orientation and position-specific training before starting at the agency.