Stars and Stripes Forever

Published: November 13, 2019

By: Leslie Montgomery; Parent Educator

If you’re anything like me, you’re anticipating the holiday where we celebrate the independence of the USA – July 4th! As the fourth of July approaches, we all get excited about celebrating our flag and country.

Growing up, I always looked forward to the "oohs and aahs" and excitement of the fireworks displays. After we enjoyed burgers and dogs from the grill, our family would usually drive into downtown and pick a spot where we could park and get an optimal view of the spectacular display of the fireworks atop what used to be the Indiana National Bank building. We would watch in awe as each one exploded in an array of colors, sparkles and stars screaming into the sky above. I couldn’t wait for each new display to burst into the air over head and to see what delight it would bring to my senses. When the show was reaching its end, I would always anticipate the biggest, brightest and longest display that let us know the show had come to an end. We would all load into the car and drive home.

On the way home we’d get to watch the smaller displays by people who bought fireworks for their own private displays. Even though it was a smaller display, I still enjoyed the bangs and sparkles of the back-yard shows. Though my family didn’t do a private fireworks show, we did stop and get sparklers to light and enjoy until we had lit the last one.

One of the other things I remember came after the hoopla of the fireworks. There were always news stories about fireworks injuries. And who knew that most of those injuries come from sparklers!  I certainly didn’t.

Here’s to hoping that everyone enjoys their 4th of July holiday. If fireworks are in your plans, you can find some tips from the National Safety Council to help you enjoy the fun and excitement of the fireworks while keeping it safe.

Happy Independence Day!