The Family Table Podcast

The Family Table is a place where our clients and their families speak with our therapists and counselors and share when they lived with fear and pain... during a time when they felt the most alone.  Listen to the raw discussions of healing and growth from those who have overcome substance use, mental health disorders, violent relationships, and so much more.


September 2019

It is generally believed that 1 in 5 women and 1 in 6 men will be sexually assaulted at some point in their lifetimes. 

At Families First, we believe that everyone deserves to feel safe and respected. This is why our sexual assault program provides options for survivors and their families to work through the healing process.

Do you want to help others through their healing process? Listen to Janine talk about her experience to learn what it's like to be a Hospital Response Volunteer for survivors of assault!


JULY 2019

The start of the new school year is exciting for a lot of kids, but it can also spike anxiety in others. Even a pretty easy-going child can get butterflies… and kids aren’t the only ones. Parent’s feel the anxiety, too!

For Episode 5, we brought in the experts to learn what makes them anxious as they approach the first day of school. These elementary, middle and high school students also shared what they plan to do to help them successfully get through the school year!

EPISODE 4: Building Better Brains in our children

MAY 2019

A house needs a sturdy foundation to support the walls and roof. And a brain needs a good foundation to support all future development. Positive interactions between young children and caregivers literally build the architecture of the developing brain. Building a sturdy foundation in the earliest years provides a good base for a lifetime of good mental function and better overall health.

Listen to Episode 4 to learn more about today’s mental health conditions in children and how we can build better, healthier, stronger brains in our children! 


March 2019

 Have you ever wondered who answers the Crisis & Suicide Hotline calls and texts? How do they know what to say to an individual in crisis?

Families First operates a crisis and suicide intervention text and phone line that is operation 24/7, 365 days a year. It is volunteers who take the calls and/or respond to text messages .... and from the convenience of their own homes! Shawn has been a volunteer for the hotline for over a year and he talks about his experience on the line.

Interested in volunteering for the Crisis & Suicide Hotline? 

Episode 2: The Mentor group 

February 2019

What happens after addiction treatment? A new substance use disorder support system was recently launched at Families First, the Mentor Group. The inspiration was the belief that when every person and every family in our community has the support necessary to overcome challenges and changes and reach their full potential, Central Indiana will truly thrive.

The Mentor Group is composed of individuals who have successfully completed Families First’s substance use education & outpatient treatment program and are dedicated to staying sober and helping current clients in recovery. Listen to a couple of Mentors share how they choose to volunteer their time as a mentor and peer to help others through the stresses of day-to-day life during their times of crisis, recovery, and healing.

Episode 1: Getting to know david siler, president and ceo of families first

January 2019

President and CEO of Families First sits down to talk about his experiences and what led him to Families First.