Parent Cafe

What are Parent Café’s?

FUN—FREE—Supportive—Educational—PARENT-LED get-togethers where parents can talk openly with one another about the struggles of parenting and ways to strengthen their families. Over the course of several evenings (you can come for one or several), parents discuss a variety of topics.

Parent Cafés provide an opportunity for parents and caregivers to interact with other parents and caregivers about things that are important to building and maintaining strong, healthy families. The Cafés are “hosted” by parents from the community who have been trained on how to help facilitate the conversation and discussion. The goals of these sessions are to help parents help each other to:

  • Grow stronger and more flexible as they share challenging personal events and reflect on the actions taken in response, what happened as a result, and what was learned. Listening to each other brings the realization that all families face difficulties, and can survive them and become stronger as a result.
  • Build friendships and relationships of mutual support in the process of having conversations with other parents and caregivers.
  • Learn about resources and obtain support by reflecting on their barriers to receiving help, becoming more open to accessing help, and learning from other parents about support that has helped them.
  • Add to parenting knowledge by listening to other parents and sharing ideas and approaches to common issues.
  • Build appreciation for the essential role they play with each of their children in helping them achieve their potential.

Why should you come to a Parent Café?

  • Get ideas for managing the challenges of parenting
  • Build friendships and get support from other parents – while getting a little break!
  • Grow into a stronger and more flexible parent/caregiver
  • Get some time to reflect on your family, and how important you are, as a parent!

Who can attend Parent Café’s?

Anyone in a parenting role! Moms, dads, relative caregivers, foster parents, expecting parents, and friends (attending with parents), etc. are welcome! It doesn’t matter if your kids are toddlers or teenagers, whether you’re a new or a seasoned parent – Cafés are for ALL parents.

Can I attend more than one Café?

You can come to as many as you like! Each evening is focused on a specific theme – but each Parent Café is so unique that you can attend two Café’s on the same theme – but there will be different people, different questions to discuss and different conversations which emerge.

When will Parent Café take place?

August 16th, 23rd, and 30th.

Where will the Parent Café’s take place?

Christian Park Family Center: 4200 English Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46201

What about childcare and meals?

Childcare is provided FREE of charge however, the family must pre-register in order for Families First to ensure enough childcare providers and food are available for everyone who attends!

The Café’s always start with a meal, which is FREE. Parents and kids eat together, before the children go to childcare.

How do I get more information?

For more information or to register by phone, call: (317) 634-6341

Parent Cafe topic examples:

Building Strong Relationships With Your Children

Just like with any relationship, building a positive relationship between a caregiver and a child requires hard work, patience and understanding to make it strong and successful. Parenting is a tough job and maintaining a strong relationship helps to ensure that families stay connected.

Vitality: Taking Good Care of Yourself

Parenting can take a tremendous amount of time, energy and hard work.  We often give so much of ourselves so our children can have everything they need.  One of the ways we can truly take care of our children to the best of our ability is by taking good care of ourselves.

Dealing Positively with Strong Emotions - Your Own and Your Children's

Not allowing our feelings to overwhelm us is a huge challenge we face as human beings.  Being aware of our emotions can help us make better decisions on how to deal with our feelings and behaviors.  As a parent, you can assist your child in identifying and expressing their emotions in a positive way.

It Takes a Village

Family members, friends, coworkers: who has your back? Who provides support that helps you be a strong parent? Learn about ways you can you enhance or build your social network to better meet the needs of you or your family.

How to Stretch a Dollar

Taking care of a family comes with great responsibility, especially when it comes to having adequate resources to meet all of our needs. Have you ever found yourself on hard times and weren’t sure where to turn? Join us in sharing ways you may have had to change your lifestyle and/or utilize the resources that have been available.

Healthy Lifestyles

We live in a fast-paced world, which often doesn’t feel like it lends itself to enough opportunities for a healthy diet and physical activities. Share ways that you promote healthy eating habits, avoid going through the drive-thru and encourage exercise and physical activities.  

Register for an upcoming Parent Cafe 

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Christian Park Family Center: 4200 English Ave. 

Indianapolis, IN 46201