Our Interns: Part of Our Family and Ready for Anything

Published: October 10, 2018

During the fall and spring semesters, as well as over the summer, Families First welcomes undergraduate and graduate interns who help us provide services to our clients and aid us in capacity building through development, marketing, and public relations.

By the calendar, they’re only with us a handful of months, but the impact they make for our organization and for our clients lasts much longer.

Each new group of interns brings new talents, perspectives, ideas, and inspiration. Each offers fresh bursts of energy. What do we offer in return? We’re pleased to hear, from more than a few of our interns, that they feel like part of the family when they’re with us. We strive to be an attentive, supportive, and friendly community, so we’re happy to know they feel so welcomed.

In practical terms, we offer our interns experience with a broad spectrum of social services, as well as the chance to stretch their own skills, talents, and creativity in the interest of building stronger families, more resilient individuals, and more optimistic futures for our clients. Depending upon placement and role assigned, interns have the opportunity to interact with all kinds of people and groups: children, individuals, and families, as well as older and challenged adults.

Our interns also value the growth they get at Families First, which flows from the depth and breadth of our programs. Because we help people with all kinds of challenges, our interns get experience with a broad variety of frameworks and treatment methods. With such true hands-on experience, in so many settings, they find a wide range of opportunities are open to them.

Though quite a few of our interns do go on to work with us full time, we’re truly excited about all the ways our interns thrive after their experience here, and we’re always excited and impressed to hear about what they’re up to. We’re proud of what they have accomplished and will continue to accomplish in the future, and we’re honored to have been a part of their stories.

And we want them to know: They’ll always be a part of our family.