Family Support Network

Sometimes family is there to show us the way. But sometimes they're part of the problem. And that can be even lonelier than being alone. Where do we turn when we can't turn to family? And who helps a family when it can't help itself?

What would happen if everyone had someone to stand with them?  A family support network to help them work through life's challenges? We believe it would change lives and our community, dramatically, for the better.

 And that's the power of your monthly gift to Families First.

Monthly giving is a convenient way to support the causes you care about – substance use, domestic violence, suicide, and more. Your gift will automatically reoccur on the same day each month using the payment option you choose.

With your monthly gift, you’ll join our Family Support Network - donors who believe in second chances, recovery, and the power of human potential. Like family, your support will be there for someone when they need a hand. 




$25 - hotline support to an individual in crisis

$60 - one hour of group support

$165 - one hour of individual therapy