Family-Focused Support Group Facilitator

This is an 8-week educational support group for families who have experienced or witnessed domestic violence. This group is intended to assist the family in the healing process by allowing each member of the family a safe space to learn, share and grow. Participants learn about safety planning; the dynamics of abuse; how to communicate feelings, set boundaries, and improve self-esteem. Group topics and supporting materials are provided for you by the volunteer coordinator. Groups are held in various locations throughout Indianapolis in the afternoon and evening.

Children and teens meet in small groups in which age-appropriate materials are presented. Facilitators have the opportunity to serve groups of adults and children of various ages. Child care providers are also needed for children not yet old enough for group.


We ask that all potential volunteers are ready to learn, listen and practice empathy. It is not required that a facilitator be a survivor of domestic violence. Contact Betsy Hall for program specific information, .

Bilingual volunteers are greatly needed.

Facilitator time commitment:

        • Initial volunteer training 

        • Commit to 6 months of volunteering