Families First Family: Meet Meryum Syeda

Published: December 2, 2017

Data, query language, systems, projects…This list sounds like the responsibility of a CIA operative, but really, it’s all in a day’s work for Families First Information Systems Manager, Meryum Syeda. Meryum has been with Families First for 15 months now, and in that time, she has had a hand in a plethora of MAJOR technology overhauls that help everyone do their jobs, better, faster and smarter. The latest of these tech overhauls was a massive one, switching out an old electronic medical records system for a new one, Credible. Meryum was responsible for the configuration and creation for a lot of the forms that staff use every day and will continue to work with Credible as Families First moves to more cloud-based software. While the process and project sound daunting, if anyone can handle it, it’s Meryum. Some of the words staff use to describe Meryum include upbeat, knowledgeable, high-energy, kind and smart.

A native of the Chicagoland area, Meryum was born and raised in the west Chicago suburbs, the youngest of five siblings and attended college in Chicago, majoring in English.

“Yea, I originally wanted to be an engineer, I LOVE MATH,” shared Meryum, “I was in those math competitions, I taught math, I was in the math club, so yea . . .I really love math but I ended up majoring in English because I like to write as well.”

That love of both language and math led to a Master’s degree in information systems, which has helped Meryum write complex query language (to better find and use data) that in turn aids Families First with grant reporting, internal and external audits and data management.

“My Master’s degree concentration is in health information systems and I want to continue with that, it makes sense that I’m working here. I love it,” shared Meryum.

In her personal time, Meryum enjoys spending time with her husband, a medical student at Marian University, finishing up his last year of school. She enjoys complex board games and considers herself to be very competitive, so watch out if you’re not on her team at the next company gathering. In thinking of the future of Families First, Meryum hopes that we continue to build awareness of who we are as an organization and work to break down cultural barriers so that people of many different ethnic and faith backgrounds are coming to us for services free of reservation, shame or guilt.