Intimate Partner Violence in a Pandemic

October 8, 2020

For people experiencing intimate partner violence, it’s as though they are living with a bear...

How you can enhance your allyship for the LGBTQ community!

June 5, 2020

Each year the month of June is celebrated as LGBT Pride Month.

Tips for Couples Working Together in The Home

May 4, 2020

Couples all over the world are finding themselves in situations they never thought they would be in, for better or for worse.

Teen Dating Violence

February 21, 2020

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

Domestic Violence in Indiana

December 30, 2019

Domestic Violence is no longer considered a "private matter', but a public health crisis.

Helping a Neighbor With Dementia

November 13, 2019

By: Kristen Lausch LCSW, NCG Program Supervisor Older & Challenged Adults


November 13, 2019

Use these 10 suggestions to learn how to better support your loved one who is grieving.

Grandparents Day Out

November 13, 2019

Here are a few Indy-area focused ideas sure to grandparents and grand-kids happy!

Changing the Gender Equality Conversation

November 13, 2019

Gender inequality can be a “hot button” in any conversational setting

How to Talk Politics at the Holiday Table

November 12, 2019

Ready to talk politics with the family? Here’s some professional advice to help get you through the holidays.

Resources for Seniors and Caregivers

November 6, 2019

Within fewer than 20 years, Indiana will have more residents age 65 and older than residents under the...

A Relationship Audit

September 30, 2019

Research that has looked for the key factors in both life satisfaction and longevity of life continues to reveal that robust, healthy, meaningful human relationships tops the list!

Mental Health: A Topic Shoved Under a Rug among the Hispanic Community

September 4, 2019

I will never forget the day I found out my teenage cousin had been hospitalized after a suicide attempt.....

Why Do Women Use Force?

August 21, 2018

What are the long-term effects are of surviving violence and the motivations behind a woman's retaliation?

Let's Make Courtesy Common in Indianapolis!

July 6, 2017

by David Siler, President/CEO of Families FirstI don’t really know if violence is more prevalent in our...