Everyone Can Leave a Legacy

October 17, 2018

Too early to plan what happens to your ‘stuff’ after your demise? Never!

How to Choose a Therapist

October 12, 2018

Searching for a therapist that is right for you and your situation can be daunting. With some research and checking with a range of resources, your experience can be a rewarding, empowering life experience!

Our Interns: Part of Our Family and Ready for Anything

October 10, 2018

Each spring, summer, and fall, we get to welcome some truly extraordinary interns at Families First. Our latest “graduating class” is a perfect example.

Mental Health: A Topic Shoved Under a Rug among the Hispanic Community

September 24, 2018

I will never forget the day I found out my teenage cousin had been hospitalized after a suicide attempt.....

Resources for Seniors and Caregivers

September 17, 2018

Within fewer than 20 years, Indiana will have more residents age 65 and older than residents under the...