Another Year Older, and Another Year to Be Thankful

November 25, 2020

It’s hard to believe that Families First is turning 185 years old this year. That longevity speaks most...

40 Winter Activities For the Family in 2020

November 25, 2020

Winter officially begins December 21, and we know you might miss some indoor and group activities you’ve enjoyed in past years....

Conversation Tips for the Holiday Table

November 16, 2020

Holidays are a time for celebration and gathering with loved ones, but they can also bring tension as you navigate conversations with relatives you don’t see often or whose values differ from yours.

Managing Stress

November 4, 2020

Tips on how to manage stress.


November 3, 2020

This year has been an emotionally intense, sometimes scary, and often overwhelming experience for many...

Halloween 2020: Staying Safe and Having Fun

October 28, 2020

Author: Sandi Lerman; Community EducatorChildren in the U.S. look forward to Halloween for the candy,...

Everyone Can Leave a Legacy

October 19, 2020

Too early to plan what happens to your ‘stuff’ after your demise? Never!

Social Security Benefits for Depression

October 16, 2020

Depression takes its toll on all aspects of life, including the ability to perform well on the job.

Intimate Partner Violence in a Pandemic

October 8, 2020

For people experiencing intimate partner violence, it’s as though they are living with a bear...

Navigating Finances During Times of Uncertainty

September 28, 2020

One way or another, 2020 will be memorable. But whether it makes or breaks us financially may depend...