Our families form our earliest experiences with others. We learn who we are and how to live together. Then we go out into the world and start lives and families of our own.  

That's the hope. But there are times when the story isn't so simple. Times when we're trapped, afraid, or in pain. There are times we feel lost or alone. Sometimes family is there to show us the way. But sometimes they're part of the problem. And that can be even lonelier than being alone. Where do we turn when we can't turn to family? And who helps a family when it can't help itself?

That's Children's Bureau + Families First.

We've helped save marriages and keep families together. We've helped deescalate crises and break cycles of abuse. We've helped many thousands of people deal with the challenges and changes in their lives and become better parents, spouses, daughters, sons, and people.

services include:
  • Mental health counseling for individuals, couples, and families
  • Support groups
  • Parenting education
  • Substance use education & outpatient treatment programs
  • Domestic violence education & support
  • Sexual assault survivor counseling & advocacy
  • Father Engagement Case Management
  • In-home family preservation counseling & case management
  • Other services through our merger with Children's Bureau